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X004. SEMPRE Accelerators for Service Co-creation (Interreg Baltic Sea Region), 2019-2021

"SEMPRE – Accelerators" aims at supporting local initiatives in the Baltic Sea Region on their way to becoming mature and inclusive social start-ups. These initiatives („micro projects“), have been developed in co-creation processes during the predecessor project SEMPRE. They are driven by service users and deliver previously unavailable social services in rural areas. “SEMPRE Accelerators” partners help them set up organisational and leadership structures, acquire start-up financing, further develop and market their services and become self-sustaining.

The aim of KarRC RAS is to introduce and test SEMPRE instruments in rural areas of North-Western Russia in cooperation with social service providers. These tools are based on the idea of empowerment and end-user involvement in development of social innovations.
Activities of KarRC RAS in Russia also include participating in the development of recommendations for creating an inclusive ecosystem for social entrepreneurship, updating and translating into Russian the SEMPRE Empowerment Handbook and the SEMPRE Guidebook on Empowerment training.
Furthermore, KarRC RAS acts as the organizer of public seminars and trainings both in Karelia and in the Kaliningrad region (in cooperation with the Agency for Regional Economic Development (Kaliningrad)).

Project partners:
Germany: Diaconie of Schleswig-Holstein, Academy of Wconomics Schleswig-Holstein
Denmark: University College South Denmark
Sweden: Sunderby Folk High School;
Lithuania: Lutheran Diaconia;
Latvia: Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences; Diaconal centre Liepaja
Estonia: Foundation for Diaconia and Social Work of EELC (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church)

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The project is part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) and the Russian Federation.

International projects
Last modified: August 30, 2021